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TerrorView Phone App

A new iPhone and Android phone App information source just came out for the public that will enhance shared awareness of risks and threats called TerrorView:

****************************NEW TerrorView Phone App****************************

This new technology coupled within an App (client interface) called TerrorView, now enables the public to research threat information that was previously seen only by senior government officials without compromising national security. This product (distributed by ConteGoView, Inc. at iTunes and Google Play App stores) employs intelligence experts to gather and analyze data from over 100,000 sources (it scans for key information and "chatter”), enabling public users to track terrorist, cyber and biological threats throughout the world.

It was founded by Joshua Katz, a former elite Army Ranger, covert intelligence officer in the CIA and senior adviser to the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Access is $4.99 per year, anyone can try it on their iphone or Android device by installing the App from here:

For more information see “TerrorView” phone APP, Joshua Katz, Threat Intelligence here:




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