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Logic-Facts-Dilemmas of a hypothetical IS-warrior-of-G delusion

PURPOSE: Most everyone should be able to follow this evaluation of a hypothetical scenario (removed from a position of solidarity), and examined purely from the viewpoint of facts, logic and dilemmas, for which we may be able to draw inference, insight, and conclusions. I ask the reader to consider what additional facts, logic, and conclusions they could add to this hypothetical.



“IS” = This group has (named itself) warrior of “G” and believes “G” wants them to kill the “I-Del” group.

“I-del” = (they call themselves the N.Amer group), this group does all kinds of good deeds on planet “E” including giving money to other groups, inventing amazing things, providing security for other groups, working with oppressed groups, establishing fair business practices for everyone, enforcement of actions that are good for all groups, they also have ways to destroy all other groups but choose not to, and also, the “I-del” group is the object of the “IS” groups hate.

“E” = This is a tiny planet where the groups live, and the “IS” group are tiny people on planet “E,” which is floating around in a vast space called a u-verse.

“U-verse” = at present time (something called Hubble and supercomputers) estimated that U-verse contains potentially 500 Billion Galaxies. Relatively speaking, from the farthest galaxy “E” cannot be seen with known technology, from the atmosphere of the planet “E” the “IS” group can’t be seen perfectly with known technology.

“G” = is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient, created everything, the U-verse, and beyond, WITHOUT THE HELP OF ANYONE, and galaxies are destroyed from time to time.

“J-ad” = This is a descriptive term that the “IS” group uses as justification to victimize and kill the “I-del” group, and anyone it does not like it might broadly apply it to, as what they perceive to be a “good war,” or a war for “G.”

“Delusion” = something that occurs on planet “E” when an individual or group harbors an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, and is typically a symptom of mental disorder.

“Terrorism” = something that the “IS” group does to all other groups to scare them and cause them to be unproductive like the “IS” group, even though “G” has not told them to do it.

“Reaction” = at some threshold point on the planet “E” the “IS” group is likely to receive a proportionately overwhelming opposing reaction from all other groups of the planet who have had enough, and if the “IS” group possesses the slightest bit of foresight, they should self-correct before it comes to this.



1. If “G” created everything WITHOUT THE HELP OF ANYONE (including 500 Billion galaxies, whereby planet “E” exists but is relatively smaller than a grain of sand), and the “IS” group is relatively the size of sand on planet “E” why would “G” need the “IS” group to kill the “I-del” group (if “G” destroys galaxies from time to time, “G” could just kill the “I-del” group itself if it wanted them dead).

2. Even in the hypothetical, that if “G” communicated something to a group at some point a long time ago, (way BEFORE the “I-del” N.Amer group ever existed), how can the “IS” group interpret the communication from “G” as something that can be extrapolated to a group that did not exist at the time of the communication.

3. Although we have no evidence of this, hypothetically, if “G” told the “IS” group a long time ago to (ASK all groups to become like the IS group, and if they say no kill them), then how can the “IS” group kill anyone without asking them first to become like the “IS” group …wouldn’t this hypothetically offend “G” because the “IS” group never asked, instead they just attempt to kill the “I-del” whenever they feel like it.

4. “J-ad” a good war, or war for “G,” is an unusual expression, because wars of ideas usually are related to either necessity (survival) or related to greed and power, but typically are not labeled “good” because people die, the country suffers needless losses, and it is unproductive. Further, how does one know that “G” desires war to begin, or continue, or end, how to proceed, what are the rules of engagement, under what circumstances does “G” desire that a group wage war, what groups are off limits, is it permitted to bring resolution by finding a rational middle ground (etc.).

5. From my viewpoint it is instinctive to save life, which is also a consensus of most people, and treat everyone good, and the “IS” group seems to be lacking this part of normal social development, treating everyone who is not exactly like them an object to be hated (which is also referred to as severe pathological intolerance).



1. There is absolutely no physical evidence anywhere that demonstrates that the “I-del” group offends “G,” in fact, the “I-del” group does all kinds of good deeds, (“G” may in fact like the “I-del” group if “G” likes good deeds).

2. There is absolutely no physical evidence anywhere that demonstrates that “G” has communicated anything to the “IS” group at any point in time ever.

3. “G” did NOT name the “I-del” group, but rather the “IS” group gave most other groups (that they never met) the “I-del” label.

4. I (me) believe in “G,” just as I believe that life is precious, THIS IS MY “CHOICE,” but I take NO “ACTION” DIRECTED AT OTHER GROUPS AS A RESULT of my belief in “G” (and “G” has never communicated to me that I should hate or take action against other groups). However, if another group was trying to kill me, I suppose I would have to stop that group (as a matter of self-preservation).

5. Anyone that is delusional likely has a mental disorder, and this usually requires “treatment” before they harm themselves or others.

6. “G” created a condition on planet “E” such that all groups must remain productive to sustain their lives, and therefore, when “IS” group members call in bomb threats, they disrupt the productivity of innocent members of all groups, and this disrupts the plans created by “G” whereby all groups sustain their lives, and is against the plan of “G,” and is therefore against “G.”


EXAMINING THE DILEMMAS OF THIS SCENARIO: (there are many here are a few)

1. The “I-del” group was given the “I-del” LABEL/NAME by the “IS” group (who is confused and delusional), and thinks the “I-del” group is something they are not, and therefore,

(IF) the “I-del” group could convince the “IS” group that they are a new group and not the “I-del’s,” and not to be hated, and that ”G” never told them to kill the “I-del” group or anyone for that matter.

(THEN) the “IS” group will stop killing and many things can be made good again.

(BUT) there seems to be no way to convince a group (that is delusional and irrational), because by definition, they are not using rational thought or logic to draw their conclusions.

2. The “I-del” group has an imperative of self-preservation and has the means to completely destroy the “IS” group at any time, yet the “I-del” group are good people and do not want to accidently destroy people located near the “IS” group, and honestly want to find non-destructive solutions, (but) there is a threshold whereby the “I-del” group can no longer allow death of their group in the name of delusion, and will require immediate resolution or termination of the actions of the “IS group. (WHAT IS THAT THRESHOLD?)

3. INFLUENCE: There are certain other groups that are happy to see the “IS” group kill the “I-del” group because it eliminates their competition, and they act to make the situation worse by sustaining the “IS” group.

4. PERPETUATION: There are certain members of the “IS” group who derive their money, power, and validation through violence (from the actions of the “IS” group toward the “I-del” group) and they do not want the problem to ever end.

5. Locally, there are groups that are distant relatives of the “IS” group, that are abused by the “IS” group as well, and actually outnumber the “IS” group by far, yet these local groups choose not to stop the “IS” group’s delusion or from harming them (even when the “I-del” group trains the distant relatives), but instead, the local relatives ask the “I-del” group to risk their lives and finite budget to deal with the “IS” group problem in their neighborhood, while the local groups enjoy safety at a distance.

6. Unknown members of the "IS" group have previously call in bomb-threats to schools on planet "E" and terrorize children from all groups of the planet "E," could that be considered normal or good behavior on ANY planet, I don't know for sure, but I do not believe that "G" would approve of this behavior ...this is Sadistic and may infer a dual disorder is present in members of the "IS" group (e.g. Delusional and Sociopath). This obviously results in counterproductive in the "I-del" group, which undermines their ability sustain themselves (undermining an intrinsic feature that “G” desires all groups to maintain).



1. In this hypothetical, it appears that the “IS” group is taking action because they (believe) that “G” wants them to kill the “I-del’s” despite the fact that, “G” is omnipotent, omnificent, and Omniscient, and does not need their help, and also despite the fact there is no proof that “G” wants them to kill “I-del,” nor that “G” ever asked the “IS” group to kill “I-del” (especially since the “I-del” N.Amer group is new and has only been around a couple hundred years).

2. If the “IS” group is confused and incorrectly killing the “I-del” group, then, the I-del group will have to quickly address the situation as a matter of self-preservation, and this would not be in violation of the wishes of “G.”

3. Groups who are influencing and/or supplying the “IS” group to harm the “I-del” group to eliminate competition will need to be “dealt with.”

4. Key individuals among the “IS” group who desire to perpetuate the “IS” group forever must be recorded as war criminals and tracked down forever (as an equal and opposite reaction) and made to stop perpetuating the delusion, this includes policies and funding to address the “IS” groups usage of technology and other mechanisms to spread delusion.

5. Local groups who are at odds with the “IS” group must fight to take back what is theirs, it is unethical to dump their problems on the “I-del” group and contribute nothing when they have able-bodied individuals who can organize and bring about order and civility.

6. All groups on planet "E" have an intrinsic right to sustain themselves (protected as "life and liberty" in some regions), and not have their productivity undermined and children scared. The condition must be addressed to retain law and order (and not fear) among the "I-del" group.



The individuals in the “IS” group are delusional because they meet the definition (or) they are accepting the delusional ideas for some abnormal reason, and are likely to either have a mental disorder causing the delusions, or they harbor pathological hatred or are simply criminals who are pretending to believe in the same concepts as the “IS” group so that they can associate with them and conduct bad-deeds more easily. Members of the “IS” group will need to be sequestered and sorted to determine who is a criminal and who needs mental treatment, but with CONTEXT that, if it is too dangerous to sequester the “IS” group then the delusional condition will need to be brought to conclusion expeditiously by some other method before the death toll and financial cost to the “I-del” group exceeds all rational justifications to “tread-lightly” and heal the delusion, and is no longer considered “beneficent to be gentle” but is now just plain maladaptive not to save their own “I-del” lives. Finally, the demarcation of what constitutes rational thought, logic, and facts must be broadcast such that the “IS” group does not infect their delusional thought processes among innocent children locally and across the planet. Distant relatives and the “IS” groups kin must learn that a self-defeating cycle of confusion and delusion will never amount to anything, and (may) eventually make “G” disgusted with them (the exact opposite of their intended position). Given the previously noted facts, logic and dilemmas, I believe it is inaccurate for the “IS” group to self-designate themselves warrior of “G” if they are going to do whatever they want without orders from “G,” and the majority of the time they do things that intrinsically runs against “G’s” productive plan, and “G” likely would disagree with.



=>If members of the “IS” group have a mental illness that causes delusion, perhaps the mental illness also has symptoms of intolerance of groups not like them, lack of work ethic to channel their skills into something product that benefits the world, indifference to killing, and sheep-like following whoever acts the craziest as their new leader under the unusual belief that “G” likes crazy killers.

=>The problems associated with the “IS” group seem to be multi-factorial, approaching a (dual-mental diagnosis, or solitary mental condition with abnormal learned behaviors and social norms, targeted by predators who direct the weak-minded people among them to do their dirty deeds).

=>Perhaps there are potential “IS” group members in many countries, living in resentment because they cannot compete with the “I-del” groups and they despise the “I-del” group for exemplifying a peaceful productive life), and have begun entertaining and easily accepting delusion to feel better about their dysfunction. The solution is simple, (stop entertaining the delusion, J-ad doesn’t make sense in the modern era, divert those energies to productive endeavors – problem solved).

=>Could it be that the "IS" group projects the label "I-del" onto the N.Amer group, and onto everyone else without the approval of "G" because their perspective is warped due to an unstable mental status, or is it partly because they are intolerant of anyone who is not exactly like them.

=>Could it be that the "IS" group is a collective of Criminals, Sadists and people with other Mental illness, who would not be on the loose if their local relatives and cousins had adequately managed the criminal and mentally ill elements of their population adequately.

-------------------What is inaccurate or missing from the elements presented herein?------------------



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